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Not The Kind Of Help I'd Like To See

According to the Denver Post's Dan Haley, and followed up by an e-mail from the campaign (I think):

Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, a possible 2008 presidential candidate, will hold a fund-raiser for Rick O’Donnell on June 2. . .

Hagel served in Vietnam with the Army’s 9th Infantry Division and was awarded two Purple Hearts. He’s been an outspoken critic of President Bush on the war in Iraq, and is just the type of Republican O’Donnell needs by his side in the 7th CD, which is evenly divided among Democrats, Republicans and unaffliated voters. [emphasis mine]

I understand that when you're running for office, you take help from wherever you can get it. But Chuck Hagel is NOT the guy to do this.

If Tom Osborne had chosen to run against Hagel for Senate instead of trying for the governor's seat in Nebraska this year (which he lost a primary over), I might have gone so far as to go out to Nebraska to campaign for him--and AGAINST Hagel.

Note to O'Donnell Campaign: DO NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM DAN HALEY. Follow the Beauprez playbook, and don't be a schmo: consolidate the conservative base by touting pro-growth, pro-business, strong on defense positions, and then take quiet center-right positions on social issues. Beauprez won re-election by assuming it would be a difficult race, and then working hard at it, but never by running from the center-right that got him elected.

DO NOT PLAY TO THE LIBERALS--they won't vote for you, anyway, and your base will stay home.

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