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Movie Review: Over The Hedge

My daughters won a few passes to an advanced screening of "Over the Hedge" tonight, so we went.

And, boy, am I glad that we did.

This movie is 90 minutes of a decent story, propelled along at breakneck speed by incredible good humor. I was laughing constantly during this--and not just understanding little chuckles; my youngest was almost non-stop laughing; even my oldest, who is probably too old for this type of movie, was fully entertained throughout. There is, as in all good kid's movies, enough little clever snippets for the adults that make it worth sitting through, and the stuff for the kids is wonderful.

It's not a story of the depth of "The Incredibles" or of "Finding Nemo", but it is good enough to keep you interested through the exposition. And I am predicting that the new favorite child's hero is going to be the little squirrel guy from this movie--absolutely hysterical from the first moment he's on screen through the very end of the movie. And who doesn't love portraying the President of the Homeowner's Association as a pompous, self-important, unpleasant witch?

When this movie actually comes out, let me recommend that you spend your movie dollar on this rather than "Da Vinci Code"--you'll be a lot happier when you leave the theater.

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