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I've Been Warning About This

But the goofball Republicans in the Senate haven't been able to get their act together, and the President is on the wrong side of the issue. Which--as I warned--left an opening for a Democrat to be the one to get out in front of this issue.

Taking her hardest line yet against illegal immigrants, Sen. Hillary Clinton told the Daily News she wants U.S. borders secured with a wall or fence, possibly surveillance drones and infrared cameras.

Clinton's proposal - which came just weeks after she blasted Republican crackdowns on illegal immigrants as un-Christian - raised the ire of activists.

Okay. And it's not like some responsible members of the GOP (John Kyl comes to mind) haven't been trying for this same thing--heck, the House already passed their bill. But Kyl et al. got so much resistance from within their own ranks that it was going to have to be with the support of Democrats to get anything real done.

And now this will be know as the "Nameless-GOPer/Clinton Border Act of 2006".

Which might actually give her a chance in Arizona in '08. God help us all.

But it gets better than that. Not only does Hillary come out for a fence, but she manages to keep the base happy on the backswing.

In an exclusive interview with Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin, Clinton said that she envisions a two-stage plan in which border security is beefed up, followed by legalization efforts in a year or two. . . .

Embracing both conservative and liberal goals, Clinton said said she backs citizenship rather than amnesty for illegal immigrants, as long as it's "earned."

If she can manage to shepherd this through the Senate, it would give her one more significant legislative achievement than John Kerry had when he ran for President.

And, by the way, one more significant achievement than her husband had when he beat a downtrodden and disheveled GOP in 1992. Sound familiar?

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