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Full Of Sound and Fury, Signifying NOTHING

Monday's immigrant boycott didn't do much to shift the public debate on immigration in either direction, according to a new survey that polled before and after the walkouts.

Before the marches, according to the Rasmussen Reports poll, 67 percent wanted an enforcement-first approach to immigration, and that number dropped a statistically insignificant one percentage point in the poll taken after the marches. Meanwhile, support for allowing illegal aliens a path to citizenship remained steady at 53 percent before and after.

"Nationwide rallies, protests, and boycotts on Monday had little if any impact on public opinion," the pollsters said. "To the degree that there was any movement, it was not what the organizers intended."

Way to go, ANSWER; way to go , reconquistas; way to go, random, pointless professional protest marchers. You accomplished nothing.

At least the students who marched got a day off from school, and probably provided their teachers with at least a light work load (though if it had been me I'd have been giving extra credit work out the wazoo on Monday); everybody else just lost a day of pay for no purpose.

Nicely done.

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