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"Fantasy" A Best-Case Description

I love the following lines:

Since the only post-Sept. 11 foreign policy Americans know is Bush's, many believe -- especially many Democrats -- that if only Bush weren't president, the world would be manageable again. Allies could be easily summoned for the struggle against al-Qaeda or to bring pressure on Iran or to replace American troops in Iraq. Threats could be addressed without force, through skillful diplomacy and soft power. Maybe some of the threats would disappear.

This is fantasy.

And, frankly, this about sums up what the Democrats have offered for real strategies on dealing with the world as it really exists. Oh, sure, John Kerry had a plan "at his website www.johnkerry.com", but other than the defeatism of John Murtha, the Democrats have offered nothing more than platitudes and criticism in the last three years.

Of course, that quote comes for an article by Robert Kagan arguing in favor of Democrats gaining power in the Fall, which makes me loth to bring it to anyone's attention. Nonetheless, any time someone calls the great bluff of the Democrats, it's worth a read.

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