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Been pretty swamped for the past week or so, and since blogging happens at the same time of day as writing, well . . . Writing pays.

But I'm back.

Just a few quick hits for tonight.

--White House names Tony Snow as new Press Secretary. I cannot wait for the first couple daily briefings. It's about time the administration found someone articulate and pugnacious to go and make its case.

--Rove goes before grand jury again; apparently not a target of the investigation. Of course, you have to read down to paragraph seven of the Post article to learn that he's not considered a target, but, hey, take the victories where you can find them, eh?

--Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at a 6-year high. Of course, as long as gasoline prices float at the level they're at, no good economic news is going to get anywhere. Can we PUHLEAZE get some new drilling somewhere?!?! Alaska? The Gulf of Mexico? Off of California? More on this tomorrow (and it might surprise you).

--Colorado Avalanche on the brink of sweeping the number two seed Dallas Stars. I love the hockey playoffs. Right up there with the Final Four, the Masters, Opening Day, and The Super Bowl.

--United 93 opened in New York the other night, to at least one very strong review and reports of a silent, sobbing audience at the end. I'm glad that Paul Greengrass, the director, has treated this tragedy with honesty and simplicity. And, if I may be so snarky, I wonder how many of the Democratic leadership in Congress will be seen at the Washington premier on Friday; you, know, since most of them could find their way to the excrable Farenheit 9/11. Do they have the marbles to be reminded of the reality of that horror?

Relatedly, be sure to see this movie this weekend. The studio distributors are donating 10% of the ticket sales to the Flight 93 Memorial.

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