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What's Wrong With This Sentence?

From the Denver Post website:

Throngs of people marched in front of the State Capitol on Colfax Avenue and packed Civic Center, waving signs that said “No on H.R. 4437,” a proposed federal law that would make illegal immigration a felony, . . .

Anybody see anything wrong with this? Anyone? Anything?

Maybe it's just me, but, you know, from my perspective, I suppose it IS a pretty horrible thing when ILLEGAL things are actually, you know, made ILLEGAL.

Sure, you could say there's a difference between "illegal" and "felony," but, c'mon folks . . .

Of course, the real proper response should not or should never be to wring the hands and go "Oh, what are we going to do about this?"; the real response should be to laugh these people off the stage and out of the room.

But, of course, that's not what's going to happen. Because this is the easiest issue to demagogue going right now. How long will it be before someone is accused of being a "racist" and a "bigot"? Anyone want to venture a guess?

Oh, wait. It's probably already happened--I just don't have a link.

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