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What's Wrong With This Picture?

From a press release by State Senator Sue Windels (D-Arvada)

A bipartisan group of legislators and the Bell Policy Center have planned a series of town hall meetings around the state to discuss the allocation of tax revenues retained through the passage of Referendum C.

Each town hall meeting will be co-hosted by local legislators and by local elected officials, organizations and businesses.

These public meetings will feature a briefing on constitutional and statutory limits on the budget process and encourage discussion on spending priorities.

Okay, that's fine. I suppose that's a good idea, to get out to your constituents and explain what you're trying to do with their money. Though, well, you gotta wonder what the point of the Bell Policy Center being there is . . . Hmmm, we'll come back to that.

The press release goes on:

Jefferson County Date & time: Tuesday March 28, 7 p.m.
Place: Jefferson County Administration Building, Hearing Room 1, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden

Hosts: Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald
Speaker Pro Tem Cheri Jahn
Senator Sue Windels, D- Arvada

Senator Moe Keller, D- Wheatridge
Rep. Betty Boyd, D-Lakewood
Rep. Gwyn Green, D-Golden
Rep. Debbie Benefield, D- Arvada
Adrian Miller, Bell Policy Director of Outreach

Oh. Really? BI-partisan? Let's see, one, two, th . . . . that makes seven elected Democrats and one Bell rep, versus, um . . yep, that makes exactly ZERO Republicans.

Some bipartisan effort.

Look, if you want to go around and say why you want to spend more of my money, that's your prerogative--you got yourself elected. Just don't try to foist it off on us as some sort of balanced effort, because it isn't.

Every time I see something like this it makes me wonder what Democrats are so afraid of. Why not just call this the "Ref C Progressive Explanation Tour"? Would that be so bad?

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