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This Sounds Promising

Democratic powerhouses Peggy Lamm and Ed Perlmutter already are showing signs that they may do so much damage to each other in a bloody primary battle, political observers say, that their Republican opponent, Rick O'Donnell, will have little to do besides plan his victory party.

That's good news, if it can be beleived. In a district that has a nearly equal distribution of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, an little advantage is huge. And while primaries sometimes serve to make candidates better, both Lamm and Perlmutter are fairly experienced, so one has to think that their "room to grow" is somewhat limited. On the other hand, the amount of money they may have to devote to winning the primary could put O'Donnell at an enormous advantage, one which he already enjoys to a small degree:

Perlmutter raised nearly $520,000 through the end of last year, while Lamm raised $244,419. . . .

And as the Democrats spend the next five months trying to appeal to registered Democrats, O'Donnell continues to raise - and not spend - money. He leads the pack with $650,000 through last year.

I will be spending many hours working to keep this seat in GOP hands, so I hope to have the opportunity to watch this unfold from close-up. I'll keep you posted.

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