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Quick Hits

I have a couple of contracts coming due this week, so most of my creative energies have been diverted to those efforts. However, a few things have snuck onto my radar screen, so I thought I'd mention them:

:if you were as sickened as I was--is that the right word?--by the "demonstrations" this past weekend, and continuing the last couple days, keep this in mind: France is burning. (HT: Powerline)

What do the two events have in common? An extraordinary--and maddening--sense of entitlement that is on display. In France, the "youths" seem to have the impression that the government--nay, THE WORLD--owes them a permanent job (never mind that 1 in 7 of them cannot find work and will not as long as that nation is in economic stagnation); in our own country, these immigrants seem to have the impression that this country owes them the right to flaunt the law because they've successfully ignored it once before.

:The Dems offered their ideas about security today. All you really need to know about it is that neither MSNBC nor the NYTimes bother to have this story on the front page of their websites. But, just in case, Sen. Jim DeMint put it best: "I'm gratified to see the Democrats have inally come around to the Republican position on national security."

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