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Must Read Re: Iraqi Intel Documents

If you have any lingering doubts about the reasons for going to War with Iraq, you simply must read this article in World Magazine by Mindy Belz (courtesy RCP) . Mindy does a nice job summarizing many of the things we have unearthed in the just-beginning search of the 48,000 boxes of stuff we have in a warehouse in Doha, Qatar. Among the findings:

1. Saddam personally ordered the chemical attacks against the Kurds which were responsible for over 12,000 deaths

2. Iraq tested a nuclear weapon.

3. Saddam used 448 Kuwaiti prisoners as human shields ( a revelation Hugh talked about this week)--prisoners which, according to Iraq, were never there.

4. Hussein was aware of, and tolerant of, the presence of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq AND some 3,000 Fedayeen Saddam "dispatched" to Afghanistan to fight against the coalition.

Are these revelations important? Well, um, YEAH!! As John Tierney puts it:

"When you look at the documents and translations of meetings, you see that the UN template on conflict management does not work. It leads to a pit of all kinds of complicity. It's like giving your enemies the tape to bind you with."

To me, what seems to be the most amazing revelation is that second one. Do you suppose that, at some point in the last three years, if the headlines had been "Saddam Tested Nuke" it might have made a difference in the rhetoric going around? HMMMMM? Maybe?

Oh, not credible, you say?

About that time UN weapons inspectors were taken to a facility in the western desert, where they were shown proof Iraq had tested a nuclear weapon (a chapter now overlooked in both Iraq Survey Group reports and the media).

Now that's what's in the article. I have not personally read the translation, but this magazine--SURELY--is as credible as, say, CBS. So we can believe them.

Don't you think?

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