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More Goings-On At The StateHouse

also known as

State Dems Playing Widespread Payola Card

First, there was Deanna Hanna and her demand of a realtors' group that they pay her $1,400 worth of "reparations."

Now, there's apparently a move to tie funding requests to political positions by high-profile state institutions.

University of Colorado President Hank Brown accused top lawmakers Thursday of killing $23 million of funding for CU's Health Sciences Center because the university won't oppose a Republican-sponsored bill regarding tenure.

Just to clear up the muddy wording: opposition to a Republican bill would come from Democrats; refusal to take the Democrat position is tied to funding; ergo, the Dems are apparently now trying to dictate what positions state institutions take by tying those positions to funding requests.

I'm not sure it gets too much more corrupt than that.

Boy, the Dems got awfully comfortable in power in just over a year.

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