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Ignore This Poll, Too

From the AP/Ipsos: "Bush Approval Rating Falls To New Low"

Really? Let's take a look.

Survey of 1000 Adults (so we already know this will be more Leftist than Registered voters or than Likely Voters)

Job Approval: Approve 37%, Disapprove %60

[Job Approval from Nov 9th: 37%; Job Approval from Nov 3rd: 37%]

Party Identification: Republican 29%, Democrat 35%, Independent 20%, Other 14%

[ED: what would those 'Others' be? Perhaps . . . .GREEN?]

Party Leanings: Republican 39%, Democrat 51%

Really? In this day and age? You're gonna take a sample that has more Independents and Others than it does GOP? And, when you take leaners it's 51-39?

Not likely. Not useful.

I'm not saying the President is doing well. Clearly, he's not. But polls like this do nothing but make those of us who look closely at polls ignore them.

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