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If We Were Really As Bad . . .

as the Jihadis, European secularists, and the American Left seems to think we are, wouldn't we have manufactured a better bit of news about the recent explosion of violence in Iraq in relation to the bombings of several Shiite mosques in the last week.

Like, wouldn't we, perhaps, use the apprehension of four guards from the Shrine of the Golden Dome to, oh I don't know, announce that the guards have revealed their instructions from the Iranian and/or Syrian regime and their role in assisting Syrian commandos in destroying the shrine?

Wouldn't we? If we were really as bad as they say we are?

If we were as bad as them, wouldn't we do everything to point the blame at somebody which would demonstrate the foreign intervention in pushing the "civil war" into the light of day?

The difference being, of course, that our "manufactured reality" is at least a close approximation of actual reality.

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