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I Love A Little Irony

A Denver Democrat says she plans to introduce a resolution at her precinct caucus meeting tonight asking the attorney general to investigate a GOP group for spreading what she says are lies about "upstanding" Democratic legislators.

Bee Bigelow, 54, said she got the idea from a blog called soapblox.net, and she expects plenty of other Democrats to be pushing for the same resolution at their caucus meetings.

She said the Republican Trailhead Group has been "robocalling" voters in districts represented by Democratic lawmakers, accusing them of accepting money from a "secret political organization."

Bigelow said she believes the calls are filled with lies and need to be investigated.

Where was Bee in 2004 when Rutt Bridges, et al., were spending $4 mil in shadowy funds to distribute lies and distortions about many state legislative candidates, including Jessica Corry, the R State Senate candidate in my district? What's that? Oh, it didn't matter then?

But a mere $83,000 in office accounts is the cause of lies.

Gimme a break.

Oh, and, by the way, when did the Old Media start reporting the issues that were being brought up to individual precinct caucuses? I wonder if they will be reporting on the near-universal support expressed at GOP caucuses tonight for the War in Iraq?

Yeah, I'll be holding my breath, too.

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