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GOP Shakeup At The State House

Republican Joe Stengel, of Littleton, resigned his post as House minority leader Thursday, saying issues about the pay he collected last year have become "a major distraction not only for me but for my colleagues as well."

"There are many important issues that remain to be addressed in the 69 days that the legislature will still be in session," he said in a statement released by his office. "The people's business deserves the full attention of all members and my staying on as a minority leader would only serve as a major distraction

I applaude Rep. Stengel for recognizing that his problems were becoming a problem for the entire caucus, and for removing himself from that situation. It is unfortunate, too, as I though the was a pretty effective legislator, and a nice guy, to boot (I had the chance to meet him last year).

Hopefully, the GOP can get its feet back under itself as quickly as possible so that it can continue to mount an effective fight at the Statehouse this session.

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