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Getting Traction With The Meme; Change Fronts

Much of the conversation we've heard over the past five days has been regarding the Old Media coverage of the War in Iraq. Starting with the President fielding a "question" in West Virginia, the media has spent a fair amount of time gazing at their collective navels.

Good. I don't think it will bring about change; in fact, in a few days I'm convinced they will tell themselves that they're just fine. Following that, they will only reinforce their own belief systems and feel re-empowered to report exactly as they see fit to report.

So we need to change the battle front.

Time for someone to open up a new meme about how the press is horribly misreporting the good news from the economy. The numbers are staggering:

:unemployment at 4.8%, well below the 10-, 20-, and 30- year averages
:wages are up, though not enough to precipitate massive inflation worries
:inflation numbers are well in control, even with the recent spikes in energy prices
:GDP growth continues to be strong, though steady
:and there is every possibility that, depending on the reports from the Fed meeting this week, the stock markets could shoot higher--perhaps beyond the all time highs (DowJones 11,722 in Jan 2000).

One has to wonder why, exactly, the media is not reporting this; why every report of good economic news comes with the caveat "but people are feeling anxiety." Hell, I'd feel anxiety too, if all I listened to was Old Media reporting how terrible things are.

Luckily, I don't.

And we, the pajama-hudeen, have got to start hammering away at this or nobody will ever hear the good news.

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