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Easy Verbal Jiu-Jitsu

Harry Reid is on the attack again.

"To me it shows how dangerously incompetent he is," Reid said. "'Stay the course, mission accomplished, bring 'em on' — the American people are sick of that. We need to change course in Iraq. ... I think the president burying his head in the sand is not going to do the trick."

Reid described conditions in Iraq as "low-grade civil war."

"Dangerously incompetent", eh?

See, one thing I've learned in my few trips into the squared circle is that when you're not as skilled as the other guy, it's probably not a great idea to go flying in and getting in range of your opponent. Harry: you're not as skilled as you think you are.

For forty years now, the Democratic Party has demonstrated a Dangerous Indifference to the realities of the world around us.

First, by being the party that advocated most strongly abandoning our allies in Vietnam, we condemned millions to torture and death at the hands of Pol Pot.

Then, by failing to recognize the importance of the changes happening in the middle east, and standing on the sidelines as the Shah of Iran was overthrown in favor of a totalitarian regime, beginning the spread of Islamofacism that we confront today.

Then by showing no resolve to defend our sovereign soil when American citizens were taken hostage in Teheran, a Democratic President allowed the world to see a paper tiger.

In the 80's, it was the Democrats' staunch resistance to the then-President's proposals to face down the Soviet Empire from a position of strength, even to the point of rationalizing the absolute philosophical poverty of Communism, and accusing US of being the dangerous ones.

In the 90's, the willingness to look the other way and only take on the growing threat of transnational terrorism from a the safety of a courtroom was the legacy of Democratic leadership, at the same time working behind the scenes to hamstring the intelligence capabilities of this nation.

And now, when a country that had twice attacked its neighbors, had used weapons of mass destruction against its own people, and had systematically eliminated several hundred thousand of its own people, when that country has a chance to be free, to be strong and important, the Democratic Party would rather that America step off the field, that America put its most effective anti-terrorism weapons back on a shelf, that America allow the events to unfold for themselves, independent of any guidance or influence from us.

On every major question of the last forty years, the Democratic Party has taken the position that real action is unwise, that full commitments to liberty and freedom are hasty and risky, and that America's role on the world stage should, at best, be a minor one.

The Democratic Party's indifference to the plight of peoples around the world, and their indifference to the threats faced by the free nations of the world have encouraged and emboldened the enemies of freedom, of liberty, and of the United States. This is dangerous, and it must be countered with a full-throated commitment to the defeat of our enemies and the uplifting of those who want to stand with us, side-by-side, in the community of free nations.

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