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Must-See TV

The A & E Channel (Arts & Entertainment--channel 41 on my cable provider) has made, and is showing, a movie called "Flight 93." It is a dramatization of the events of September 11th, especially those related to the hijacking, battle for, and eventual crash of United Flight 93.

I watched it last night. And, even though, of course, I knew how the story ended, I still found it absolutely gripping. At points, much too intense for my oldest child. I'm not sure if it had this effect because it was really that well-made, or because it conjured up all those intense emotions of that day and put them through the prism of those most intimately effected by that day. Either way--it worked.

The movie will be running again for the next few nights--watch it if you get the chance. Tape it or TiVo it if you can't watch it.

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