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Modern Culture Pop Quiz ANSWERS

Quick, name each of these persons' claim to fame.

And no Googling allowed. Not that there's anything I can do about it, just . . .

A. Richard Hatch--first Survivor winner, now a tax felon
B. Terrell Owens--phenomenally gifted loudmouth football player
C. Clay Aiken--runner-up on first American Idol, recording star
D. Jeremy Glick--
E. Jeff Gordon--NASCAR driver
F. Tonya Harding--one-time ice skating star become white trash parody
G. Katie Couric--host of NBC's Today Show
H. Mark Bingham--
I. Ashlee Simpson--bad actress turned bad singer turned bad lip sync-er
J. Jack Bauer--fictional star of the television series "24"

Oh yeah, those two who I didn't give the answer for? Those were two of the passengers of Flight 93 who stormed the cockpit and forced the plane out of the sky before it could reach its target.

Doesn't it make you wonder that we know all the names we do, but don't know the names of genuine heroes? It seems a civilization so oblivious to its own best incarnations is doomed to a slow and ignoble decline.

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