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Iraq In A Hurting Way

Tradition says the shrine, which draws Shiite pilgrims from throughout the Islamic world, is near the place where the last of the 12 Shiite imams, Mohammed al-Mahdi, disappeared. Al-Mahdi, known as the "hidden imam," was the son and grandson of the two imams buried in the Askariya shrine.

Shiites believe he is still alive and will return to restore justice to humanity. An attack at such an important religious shrine would constitute a grave assault on Shiite Islam at a time of rising sectarian tensions in Iraq.

I really have nothing to add to the discussion about the descent into possible Civil War--much has already been said by a lot smarter people than me.

But for a moment, consider the horror of the destruction--by Moslems--of a Holy Structure that's over 1200 years old.

1200 years.

The world sat by in hand-wringing futitility when the Taliban destroyed 1800 year old Buddhas in Bamiyan in 2001. That was largely because the world had no influence on the Taliban, and its "sovereignty" licensed it to do whatever it pleased.

But this, the Golden Shrine, is different.

This is Moslems targeting Moslems. And while the play is a pretty smart one to induce Civil War, the responsibility for stopping this sort of thing now shifts squarely to Moslems.

Though the world should get up in arms at this sort of wanton destruction.

1200 years.

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