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Interesting Poll Numbers

You may or may not have heard much about the most recent Pew Research Poll. The headline, of course, is the President's job approval number, which is holding steady at 40%. This from a polling sample that had a sample of 30% Rep, 33% Dems, 31% Ind, a number that moves closer to 41% Rep, 49% Dems when you calculate "leaners."

Now, if you're like me, the only way you've heard of this poll is if you're a frequenter of RealClearPolitics. So it's unlikely anybody has seen or heard these interesting results.

Do you think it is generally right or generally wrong for the government to monitor telephone and e-mail communications of Americans suspected of having terrorist ties without first obtaining permission from the courts? Generally right 54%, generally wrong 43%, [an 11-point swing in the last month]

Regardless of your feelings about the original decision to use military force, do you now believe that the U.S. will definitely succeed, probably succeed, probably fail, or definitely fail in establishing a stable democratic government in Iraq? Succeeders 55%, Failers 39%

Do you think the U.S. made the right decision or the wrong decision in using military force against Iraq? Right 51%, Wrong 44% [a 9 point swing in the last month]

With a little bit of luck, the Democrats will continue to try to hammer on these issues, or, at best, have a mixed message on these issues, and then they will be the centerpiece of the mid-term elections--with the GOP having to do very little to make it happen. With those margins on the issues, that would almost guarantee a GOP hold on the leadership in Washington.

Now, what are the chances that the Dems would continue to be either that dumb or that out of touch? Well, actually . . . pretty good.

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