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I'm Not Sure You Could Have Scripted This

Let me say, right up front, that I am an Evengelical Christian, who was brought up in a strong Catholic home. My own spiritual journey is only just beginning, and I am acutely aware of how little I know.

Nonetheless, I am critical of my own community when I think they go over a cliff--the example of Pat Robertson and that goofy church from Kansas come readily to mind.

So I don't feel I'm straying too far afield, or being hypocritical, or anything of that nature, to say I think the Moslem community may be caring a bit too much and showing a little too much sensitivity about these cartoons.

Protests against European newspapers' publication of cartoons lampooning the prophet Muhammad gained momentum across the Islamic world Thursday as Pakistani schoolchildren burned French and Danish flags and Muslim presidents denounced the drawings. At the same time, more European news organizations printed or broadcast the caricatures, citing a need to defend freedom of expression.

It seems to me that, following the advice of C.S.Lewis, when you want to discredit something, you don't rail against it; rather, you make a mockery of it. I don't think any P.R. firm in the world could have come up with a scenario where a CARTOON, of all things, published four months ago to little fanfare, in the same part of the world where a writer was recently brutally mudered for being critical of Islam, could have sparked a response SO out of whack with the purported offense. It, quite simply, makes a mockery of itself, it seems.

Again, as in so many instances in recent history, the world cries out for a voice of moderation from the Moslem community.

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