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Decidedly Mixed Feelings

On the one hand, this is a very cool thing:

A team of scientists has discovered a lost world of rare plants, giant flowers and bizarre animals -- including a new species of honeyeater bird, a tree kangaroo and an egg-laying mammal -- on a mist-shrouded mountaintop in a remote province of Indonesia on New Guinea island.

Flown by helicopter to a mountain preserve virtually untouched by humans, the scientists found more than 40 species new to science.

On the other hand, this is sad to me. I suppose I never quite pictured the entrance to Eden being on the other end of a helicopter ride. And, in many ways, I sort of wish that "pristine" environment could have remained pristine.

Not that I would have known . . . but, well. . . 'cuz how do you know if something remains undiscovered?

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