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Before You Get Too Worked Up . . .

about the CBS Poll released tonight (Bush JA at 34%), read all the way down to the bottom.

No, further, the very bottom. Question 92. Party affiliation.

Any guesses? Anyone? Just based on the JA number, don't you think you can guess?

Unweighted: Dem 40%, GOP 27%, Ind 33%.

Weighted: Dem 38%, GOP 28%, Ind 34%.

Really? In this electorate, you think a 3-2 ratio of Dems to GOP is realistic?

Dismiss this poll.

In fact, dismiss everything CBS puts out.

On the other hand, Rasmussen, who is fairly consistent, and managed to be closest to the actual outcome of the 2004 election, has the President's JA dipping down to 43% today. This is consistent with the cyclical pattern that has emerged in this poll over the past couple months. We'll have to see if this is the bottom, and it ticks back up towards 50%, or if this is the establishment of a new trend.

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