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AP: Learning to Edit? UPDATED

Oh, how quickly they catch their own stupidity . . . .sometimes.

Two hours ago, I flipped through the Comcast News site, clicking on a story headlined "Specter Says President Likely Broke Law." Of course, the content of the article never indicated that Senator Arlen Specter actually said that, but it is Arlen Specter, so I thought "maybe." So I went an read the transcript of today's "Meet the Press" interview with the Pennsylvania Senator. And while the Senator does indicate a "skepticism" about the NSA eavesdropping program, he also at one point says--wisely--" . . .whether the President’s powers under Article 2, his inherent powers, supercede a statute. If a statute is inconsistent with the Constitution, the Constitution governs and the constitutional powers predominate."

So, of course, the AP misled just a little bit in its headline, which it doesn't manage to illuminate any better in the text.

I must not have been the only one who noticed that (maybe, I don't know, AN EDITOR), because AP has changed the headline to "Specter Criticizes Rationale for Spying," and Comcast has dumped the story off of its front page.

Is it possible, JUST POSSIBLE, that some of those famous journalistic safeguards are starting to kick in? And it makes you wonder if the MSM would have ever been careful like this absent the new safeguard of the blogosphere.

By the way, it seems to me fairly obvious that the President's inherent powers under Article II of the Constitution supercedes a statute. But that's just me.

UPDATE: The local moonbats have jumped on the original headline, based on the USAToday jumping on the original headline. SPLAT!! There go two more lemmings.

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