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Ah, A Smart Senate At Work

Tomorrow morning's Rocky Mountain News will contain a Speakout column lauding the benefits of the Hope Co-Op, and asking the State Legislature to defeat State Senate Bill 125. Were Senate Bill 125 to become law, the Hope Co-Op--a charter school targeting high-risk students, particularly Hispanics and Blacks--would effectively have to shut down. The bill looks like it may have far-reaching implications for online education beyond just the Hope Co-Op.

Now, just knowing how the politics of minorities, education, and high-risk students play out, who would you guess would be behind Senate Bill 125? Hmm? Anyone?

How about Sen. Sue Windels, Democrat of Arvada, and chairperson of the Senate Education Committee. In fact, she has managed to shepherd the bill through two party-line votes in committee, and its next stop is the Senate floor.

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