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Surprising Governor's Poll

Rasmussen has a poll out showing some surprising early numbers regarding the race for Governor.

Matched against Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, Hickenlooper leads 43% to 38% in our survey of 500 likely voters. Matched against University of Denver President Marc Holtzman, Hickenlooper leads more comfortably, 46% to 36%.

No other Democrat pursuing the nomination currently does as well. Former Denver district attorney Bill Ritter is neck and neck with Beauprez. Ritter narrowly trails Holtzman, 39% to 35%.

What I find most interesting is how, looking at the GOP numbers, it would appear that the primary race is basically neck-and-neck. Beauprez appears to be about +5 relative to Hick, but -3 relative to Ritter. Though a very imprecise way to read numbers, it does look very interesting on the GOP side. And if you factor in what would appear to be a fairly advanced ground game already in place for the Holtzman campaign, you have the makings of a hotly-contested race.

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