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Oy!! The Pain .. .

Pittsburgh 34, Denver 17. Ouch.

Congratulations, Steelers. Very well-done, and if anybody other than the Broncos are going to go, I'm glad it's Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Key play of the game: first drive, Broncos blitz, get Roethlisberger throwing off balance, and he lobs one straight to Champ Bailey . . .

who lets it slip between his hands, bounce off his helmet straight up in the air where Heinz Ward grabs it and gets the first down.

Follow that with a close fumble overrule and another dropped interception--all on that first drive--and you kinda had the feeling this wasn't Denver's day.

Big game, big players gotta make big plays, and Champ blew his chance. Denver never got the upper hand from then on, and Pittsburgh goes to Detroit.

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