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Okay, This Could Be Getting Out Of Hand

I wrote last night that I thought it was an excellent idea for the Democrats to put up a ballot proposal ALLOWING homosexual civil unions. Then today comes this:

A once-splintered coalition of conservative leaders has agreed to seek a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Colorado but does not plan to ask voters to outlaw domestic partnerships, according to those involved in the effort.

And when will someone propose a ban on gay marriage AND domestic partnerships? Will that make the ballot in time?

This strikes me as a tactical error on the part of the "once-splintered coalition of conseervative leaders." I would much rather that the first issue play itself out at the ballot box, and then see where that goes.

Not that I have any doubt that the marriage ban would pass--it would. And it might have the same electoral effects as I hypothesized the first issue would. But at this point, I think the presence of both on the ballot might be confusing.

That, and it almost guarantees that the saturation of the airwaves with this issue will be complete in September and October.

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