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The MSM and Drama

It seems obvious that the most dramatic moment of the hearings today was Martha, Judge Alito's wife, breaking into tears and leaving the hearing in response to the Dems repeated attacks on her husband's character. So how does the MSM cover that moment?

WaPo: paragraph 23 Graham told Alito he believed him because of "the way you have lived your life and the way you and your wife are raising your children" and, referring to the Democrats' criticisms, said, "I am sorry that your family has had to sit here and listen to this." At that point, Martha Alito rose and left her front-row chair immediately behind her husband, returning about an hour later.

NYTimes: op-ed The debate over Judge Alito is generally presented as one between Republicans and Democrats. But his testimony should trouble moderate Republicans, especially those who favor abortion rights or are concerned about presidential excesses. The hearings may be short on fireworks, but they have produced, through Judge Alito's words, an array of reasons to be concerned about this nomination. [Note the use of both of the Dems' big words: "concern" and "trouble" .. . hacks and shills!]

NYTimes: "news" paragraph 8 The Democrats' questions and implications about her husband's record appeared to get to Judge Alito's wife, Martha-Ann. She began crying as Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, defended her husband's character and rejected any suggestion that his membership in the alumni group made him a bigot, Mrs. Alito retreated to an anteroom, sobbing for some minutes.

WashTimes: paragraph 7 of an article entitled "Alito Accused of Racism" But it did get to Judge Alito's wife, Martha, who sat directly behind him. Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, questioned the nominee about his association with the alumni group in an effort to portray Democratic accusations as ridiculous.

You get the flavor. Only one of the above even noted the McCarthyism at work, and the Post buried the drama deep in the article.

Unfortunately for the Dems, I noted pictures of Mrs. Alito leading off the 10 pm news on local TV (channel 4) tonight. And that picture will leave an impression with soccer moms.

By the way, has any MSM noted the stark difference between the treatment Alito is getting and the treatment Ruth Bader Ginsburg got when she came before Republicans a decade ago? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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