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Just a Coincidence???

Does anybody else think it, well, strange, that the first time we've heard from bin Laden in fourteen months was just five days after we may have killed the man who has been his mouthpiece for those fourteen months?

I'm not out-of-hand saying I don't believe the Pakistani story that we missed Zawahri, but got his chief bomb-maker and a few other nasties. I'm just saying it's odd timing if we missed Zawahri that bin Laden comes out right now with this seemingly pointless audio tape.

In terms of organizational leadership, isn't one of the first principles that the organization always knows that SOMEONE is at the helm? If that most visible someone for the last year has been Zawahri, and if he's now a smudge, then wouldn't it be very important for someone to make a public move to show the organization that someone is there?

I realize that's a lot of "ifs"; but I tend to find my explanation more credible than the explanation of the nutter left.

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