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Is THIS Liberal Compassion?

The NYTimes editorializing:

If Judge Samuel Alito Jr.'s confirmation hearings lacked drama, apart from his wife's bizarrely over-covered crying jag, it is because they confirmed the obvious. . . .

Bizarrely over-covered??? Jag??? This is supposed to be the people who represent the poor, the down trodden, the powerless? To take shots such as these at a person stuck in the least powereful position in Washington--the wife of a candidate who can't get in a word edgewise, a wife who's been told to keep a tight lid on it during the hearings, a wife who has to sit through endless hours of hearing her husband called a liar, a bigot, and a sexist by overbloated, WHITE, RICH, MEN who hold onto power well beyond their ability to use it--strikes me as the lowest, cheapest form of discourse.

Congratulations, NYT. The "Paper of Record" has now slunked over to "Paper of Refuse," and what was once just incompetent is now completely mean, classless and base.

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