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Game On!!

In a move that came as a complete surprise to observers (NOT!), Congressman Bob Beauprez threw hit hat into the ring for Governor yesterday.

"I believe that the vast majority of Coloradans understand and identify with the same conservative principles that guide me: respect for traditional family values, including the institution of marriage and the sanctity of life, and an unyielding belief in the rights enshrined in our founding documents," he said to a group of supporters at the state Capitol. . . .

He also gave a preview of the issues he will focus on during his campaign: illegal immigration, quality health care, the ability of families to choose where their children go to school, water rights, renewable energy and government fiscal responsibility.

In the meantime, his GOP primary opponent, Marc Holtzman, is in a good position to challenge Beauprez, widely seen as the favorite, having garnered the endorsement of sitting Gov. Bill Owens.

Holtzman raised $1.5 million last year, versus Beauprez's $1.2 million. Of that total, Holtzman raised $383,788 in the fourth quarter of 2005, edging Beauprez's $381,512.

No other candidate for governor has raised as much money at this point in an open race.

Both camps have promised a "vigorous" campaign, which has already started in many ways. Whoever survives this primary campaign should go into the general with very sharp campaign skills and a pretty thick layer of political skin. Stay tuned . . .

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