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Faith: Rewarded (UPDATED)

Twelve of the 13 miners trapped in an explosion in a coal mine were found alive late Tuesday after more than 41 hours underground, turning a community’s worst fears to unbridled joy. Family members streamed from the church where they had kept vigil, shouting “Praise the Lord!”

A few minutes after word came, the throng, several hundred strong, broke into a chorus of the hymn “How Great Thou Art,” in a chilly, night air.

“Miracles happen in West Virginia and today we got one,” said Charlotte Weaver, wife of Jack Weaver, one of the men who had been trapped in the mine.

I love ending the day on an up note.

UPDATE: And then starting my morning on a serious down note. What an awful tragedy, compounded by the communications screw-up. Still, one survivor is a miracle--we should all pray for his recovery, and hope some lessons are learned about this.

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