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Exactly WHY Should We Believe the U.N. Can Handle ANYTHING??

Perhaps because of its remarkable ability to successfully intervene in conflict? No, wait . . .

The United Nations pulled its remaining peacekeepers out of the national park where eight Guatemalan peacekeepers were killed in an apparent gunbattle with Ugandan rebels, a U.N. spokesman said Tuesday. (courtesy CQ)

Or its amazing ability to be an impartial broker between two conflicting parties? Oh, no, maybe . . .

However, some of the words have now been deciphered and to the best of our knowledge include the following: "Palestine's Political Map, The Palestine Liberation Organization, the Center for Research, Beirut".

Recall that the January 16, 2006 letter from Under-Secretary-General Ibrahim Gambari to American Ambassador John Bolton claims "It is a historical map, showing Palestine as it was in 1948, at the end of the British mandate." Gambari stressed the map was just "Palestine as it existed in 1948."

But it turns out that the map was not historical at all. It was "Palestine's Political Map." And it wasn't a mere early map the UN found in a history book. It was a map which must have been produced post-1964, since the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was created June 2, 1964. (courtesy Powerline)

Yeah. I think we should turn over everything to Turtle Bay. And then sing the Smurf Song (la la lala la la .. .)

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