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Embrace The Gift Horse

--Dems want voters to legalize partnerships for same-sex couples--

Two leading Democrats say they want to ask Colorado voters to decide whether the state should legalize domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.

Rep. Tom Plant, D-Nederland and Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, D-Golden, say it's a legal issue -- not a debate over traditional marriage values.

The referred measure would need a two-thirds vote in each house to get on the November ballot.

I've been wondering what single issue the state GOP could embrace to try to find its way back to power. A little while ago, I thought major education reform, as in funding, could be an issue that would distinguish the GOP.

Then along come the Democrats.

I think every single GOP legislator should vote for this measure--or, at least, abstain. Let this measure go to the voters. You wanna see turnout go through the roof? You wanna get the base motivated and activated? Let this measure go to the ballot in November.

When you look at the history of gay marriage measures/bans going before the voters, the track record is CLEARLY in favor of the traditional marriage supporters--by as much as a 3-1 margin in some states.

Let the people decide this issue. If the Democrats really have the courage of their convictions, let them put this in front of the voter.

Obviously, the GOP will have to make a big show of supporting the people's right to voice their opinion, NOT the measure itself. But I think this could be really huge. Like, realigning huge.

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