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Confirmation Watch

Senate debate on the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito proceeded today, with a few surprises.

First, Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota announced that he was going to vote FOR Judge Alito. Actually, that's not really a surprise--he comes from a very red state which almost tossed him out on his ear last time around, and did toss his best friend out on his ear two years later. Clearly, a re-election motivated move.

Second, Robert Byrd announced that he was going to vote FOR Judge Alito. Now, at first blush, this may not seem so surprising, because it's always possible that the well-aged Senator from West Virginia was simply confused. But then he gets so many things right in his floor statement, that you have to give him some credit.

The people of West Viriginia in no uncertain terms were, frankly, appalled by the Alito hearings. I don't want to say it, but I must. They were appalled. . . .They called them called an outrage and a disgrace. . . .

It is especially telling that many who objected to the way in which the Alito hearings were conducted do not support Judge Alito. In fact, it is sorely apparent that many who opposed Judge Alito's nomination also opposed the seemingly made-for-TV antics that accompanied the hearings...

Then John Kerry announced--from Davos, Switzerland--that he would support a filibuster of Judge Alito. Byron York nails it at NRO.

And, finally, since it would appear that the Democrats have no ability to or interest in keeping their word, Senator Frist filed for cloture, a vote to occur on Tuesday morning at 11:30. If everything goes according to plan, cloture will be invoked, the vote will occur Tuesday morning, and the President will be able to claim another SCOTUS victory in the State of the Union.

Of course, I have no expectation that things will go according to plan. I'm fairly certain that the Dems will demonstrate one more time their Khan-like sense of honor and "with my last breath, I spit at thee . . . for Hate's sake" to find a way to delay the vote one more meaningless day. Fine--the GOP needed a little fundraiser material anyway.

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