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The AP/Ipsos Poll: Nothing To See Here

The AP has made much ado over the last two days over their most recent poll.

Poll: Most Want Court OK for Gov't Taps

AP/Ipsos Poll: Voters Seem More Ready To End GOP Control Of Congress

What neither article run on the AP tells you is the most salient fact of the poll: the demographic breakdown of the poll was 52% Democrat vs. 40% Republican. 52-40!! Not anything resembling any breakdown of election participation at any time in this country.

In fact, based on that breakdown, that the NSA wiretap numbers was 56-42 and the Congressional number was 49-36 should actually be read as relative GOP strength.

I'm not saying here that everything is rosy; but there is absolutely nothing in this poll to get any more worked up about than teh Republicans have been worked up about for several months.

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