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Yea, I say, Congressman Sensenbrenner!

Congress gave the Bush administration's anti-terrorism powers one more month of life Thursday, with work finished by a lone senator sitting in the virtually empty Senate chamber. . .

Approval in the House came on a voice vote in a nearly empty chamber after Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, refused to agree to a six-month extension the Senate had cleared several hours earlier. . . .

If I'm reading the politics of this correctly, what Sensenbrenner has done is thrown down the gauntlet one more time for the Senate. By forcing the issue to be resolved next month, he has effectively taken it out of the election cycle of next summer, and he's forced his GOP counterparts in the Senate to have to deal with this shortly after returning home from a vacation chock-full of constituents telling them to get their &$^@@! together.

By the way, I would recommend everybody call their Senators tomorrow and again next week and again the following week to express your frustration with the Senate.

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