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Then Why Did You Vote Against the Resolution, Ms. Pelosi

Following the President's speech today before the midshipmen, Democratic leader in the House Nancy Pelosi took to the air to--what else?--criticize. But more than that, she endorsed John Murtha as a man who has "a clear plan, a strategy, to make America safer." Of course, that plan is immediate withdrawl.

In her comments on Wednesday, Ms. Pelosi shifted her publicly neutral stance on a proposal two weeks ago by Representative John P. Murtha for withdrawing troops "at the earliest practicable date." She said she was supporting the call by Mr. Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, Vietnam war veteran and early supporter of the Iraqi invasion, because he had "superior knowledge of the subject." She added, "I think many members will now follow his lead."

I suppose it's safe for her, now that the vote has been cast. And, let's all review . . .how did she vote on the Murtha (Hunter) Resolution? Ah, yes--no to an immediate withdrawal. That's right--not even the sort of courage it takes to back up her rhetoric with something so dangerous and insidious as a vote.

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