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A Suggestion For Senator Frist

First, some background:

--Harry Reid called its adoption a vote of "no confidence"

--Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: Senate GOP's No Confidence Vote In Bush Driven By Polls

--Democratic Leadership Committee: both parties and both sides of the Iraq debate compromised on the exact language of the resolution, and united on the critical point that U.S. credibility, and the very success of the Iraqi engagement, depend on an immediate change of course by the administration

--Howard Dean: "Two days ago, senators from the president's own party joined their Democratic colleagues in casting a 'no confidence' vote,"

Senator Frist, take a cue from your colleagues in the House: schedule a vote sometime in the short few days you guys work in December to clarify the meaning of the resolution of Nov 17. In short, a nonbinding Sense of the Senate resolution on one question: Does the Senate have confidence that the administration's policies in Iraq will lead to a successful conclusion of the War?

Better yet, schedule that vote for Friday morning--sometime immediately after the Iraqis turn out in the 65-70% range to VOTE ON A PERMANENT GOVERNMENT. Let's see those Republicans go wobbly under those circumstances; better yet, let's see what sort of "courage of their convictions" the Democrats have under those circumstances.

Let's see if the Senate Leader does have some backbone. Any bets, anyone?

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