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Notes On "Narnia"

Finally got around to seeing "Narnia" today with the whole family. And, in what may be the strongest recommendation I can give, THE WHOLE FAMILY LOVED IT! Me, of course; the oldest was very interested and got a lot of the symbolism; the youngest was captured by the talking animals, and stuck with it through the whole 2-1/2 hours; and even the Bewitching Mrs. Best Destiny said afterwards that she would pay to see it again.

Since I can add nothing new to the discussion of the movie itself, I won't try. But let me make a few observations.

First, we saw the movie at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday, and the theater was at 80-85% capacity. In week three of full release. Clearly, the movie has sticking power.

Second, much to my surprise, a huge part of the audience was NOT at the movie with their children. Right in front of us was a 45-year old lady with her mother. Certainly breaks away from any image of a "children's movie"

And, thirdly, looking at the people in the crowd, and the size of the crowd, and the content of the movie, YOU WOULD THINK HOLLYWOOD WOULD CLUE IN HERE A LITTLE BIT!! Memo to studio: you're not in a slump because of the economy, you're in a slump because you make a lot--A LOT--of crappy movies. Make a few more like "Narnia," and your audience will happily shell out the 16 bucks for the ticket, the popcorn and the soda.

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