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Not At All Sure Where To Begin

This "guest commentary" that the Denver Post saw fit to publish left me speechless.

It's not that it's ill-informed--we're very used to that from the Left; it's not that it follows no discernible line of logic--again, standard fare; and it's not that it is completely bereft of alternative courses of action--that's actually the policy position of Nancy Pelosi.

It's that the Denver Post gave this pointless screed an entire guest column--easily three times the length of your standard letter to the editor.

Just a sampling:

I wonder if that might have anything to do with the fact that all the branches of our military are finding it increasingly difficult to attract young people into their ranks [never mind that re-enlistment among combat units is astronomical]

We are told we entered the war because of faulty intelligence. Then, we discovered that most of this faulty intelligence came from Vice President Dick Cheney's private sources, who were often at odds with our own intelligence services. What was their angle? [Huh?]

Every veteran knows that when the U.S. held the moral high ground on torture, U.S. prisoners expected reasonably humane treatment if captured. What treatment can they expect now? [Umm . . . how about beheading, burning, being dragged through the streets and then hung from a bridge--all of which happened before "Abu Graib" became code. And, by the way, how did that "moral high ground" help our troops in Vietnam? Big help getting out of those rattan boxes eh?]

For that reason, income taxes have always increased significantly during war time. This administration, for the first time in history, declared war and lowered taxes. [Yes, and the economy is growing, unemployment is down, personal income is up--LET'S KILL HIM!]

What is funny about this is that on this same day the local lefty blog has been overrun by the nutter class, also [It is the betrayal of human hope, as all of the oppressed and exploited peoples of Earth that have looked to America as the bulwark of democracy, liberty, and justice, now encounter a vindictive and brutal nationalism and an indifferent, flag waving chauvinism in the American people, who seem to think that only American lives are of any value]. It is very much as if they've come completely unhinged over the last three days, coming to realize that all their screaming isn't doing any good, that the 12-year old public has more sense about security than they do, and that they're about to lose control of the courts.

For my money, devote 12 column-inches every day to this sort of childishness. And then ask the public who they trust to protct them.

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