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Maybe They Should Call David Boies

For several days now we have been regaled by tales of great unrest in the Iraqi populace.

At least five Iraqis and a U.S. soldier were killed in violence in Iraq on Sunday as fresh street protests over election results kept up tension that has soured the mood after a peaceful ballot 10 days ago . . .

And so on. The Left--granted, just the ones WAY out there--has latched on to this as evidence that everything is tainted and we can never pull Iraq together through the political process. Well, not so fast:

A senior U.N. official said Wednesday that Iraq's parliamentary elections were credible and the results should stand, angering Sunni Arabs who have taken to the streets demanding a new vote.

Look, anyone who reads this regularly knows I am no big fan of the U.N.; but for them to come out and validate this election says an awful lot about this.

Maybe the Sunnis should take their cue from the Democrats: protest, call in Jesse Jackson, and then get David Boies (remember him? Bush v. Gore?) to argue the case.

Because we all know, what you can't get at the ballot box might just be in reach if you scream loud enough and then sue.

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