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Local Coverage Of History

Out of curiosity, I tried to watch the first ten minutes or so of the three local networks' 10 pm new tonight, just to see how they covered the overwhelmingly positive news out of Iraq today.

Channel 7 KMGH news got around to the story about 6 minutes into the broadcast--I think it was third or fourth in their lineup--and centered their coverage around a middle east studies "expert" from the University of Colorado at Denver. He was introduced as a skeptic of the elections, and the bottom line was his "surprise" at the Sunni turnout and the lack of violence.

Channel 4 KCNC, as of 10:10 when I gave up, still had not gotten around to covering this story.

Channel 9 KUSA, to its great credit, led their broadcast with pictures of Iraqis dancing in the street, and then several minutes of coverage of the great success. While I was flipping to the other stations, I couldn't hear all of the commentary by the anchors, but I heard very little in the way of editorializing and nothing snarky.

I'm not sure who has the highest ratings at 10 pm, but I think its channel 9, which means a pretty decent number of Denverites saw something positive about Iraq lead off the news . That, on the whole, is a good thing. Perhaps even a reason to watch local news again.

Nah. Best still stick to the rebroadcast of "Special Report."

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