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A Little Help Please

A few years back in the Christmas season there was an episode of "The West Wing" entitled "Holy Night" which featured a performance by a group called the Whiffenpoofs. Or something like that.

Apparently, they are a men's choir from Yale (or perhaps Dartmouth--some Ivy League school), and, at that, are pretty darn good.

At any rate, they sang a version of O, Holy Night, which is the best version I've ever heard, hands down. And I've heard a lot of versions of that Christmas Carol!! By a long shot, it's my favorite Carol, and this version blows me away.

Anyway, I've tried Googling it, and came up empty. I've also tried to find them on the Yale website, to no avail. Could somebody out there help me find a recording of this group?! Please. Just leave any thoughts in the comments.

I appreciate it!

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