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I Doubt It Was Me, But . . .

also known as "I Must Have A Small Gift For The Obvious"

I have been running a periodic series on A new Agenda for The GOP, one which I hypothesize has the chance of leading the GOP out of the forest its been slogging through since July of this year. I started with Border Security, then moved on to Energy Reform.

I also, just this morning (7:26 am, to be specific), called on the White House and the Republican Party to shout the good economic news from the highest mountain.

Well, notice how last week the President spent a day in Arizona at the border and then spent the next three days talking about closing the border. Chalk one up for me. Of course, he also is trying to sell his guest worker program, which I don't really buy, but . . .

And then this morning the President has a presser to talk about the good economic news (8:30 am, to be exact). About damn time. Add to that Sen. Frist et al. having a little meeting to talk about it. Heh, heh, heh.

Slowly, slowly, we may be starting to get control of the agenda again.

Sure helps that the best thing the Dems can come up with for an agenda is "surrender!"

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