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From the Land of Narnia and Snarky Parting Shots--Edited

[ed. note: having re-read last night's post, I have decided to edit; every once in a while, writing at 2 in the morning is not good]

I rarely read movie reviews, or put a lot of stock in them. But such is my interest in "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" that I read the reviews in both local major dailies first thing this morning. And, just in case you were wondering where the Post reviewer is coming from, here's the conclusion of Lisa Kennedy's review:

Forgiveness transforms. Trusting in the impossible has its own deep and magical logic. Death is not always what it seems. All these notions, of course, have roots in C.S. Lewis' Christian faith. But to its credit and power, the film allows them a reach that exceeds any one religion's grasp.

In other words, thanks for not making the Christianity overt. Of course, at its absolute core, "Narnia" is about the power of self-sacrifice, and no other religion celebrates that the way Christianity does. But it's to the film's "credit and power" that this isn't central to the writers' understanding of the film. I suspect that's more an indication of the writer's lack of understanding than the film's lack of explication. Those with ears to hear . . .

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