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The Advantage Of Holding Office

One of the many, I suppose, is the ase with which you can portray yourself as getting things done, of legislative accomplishments. This is particularly useful when you are running against someone who is not holding office currently.

I bring this up because it occurs to me that in the last four weeks I've probably gotten 4 or 5 emails from Rep. Bob Beauprez, touting his votes in Congress or legislation he's sponsored. This does, at the very least, help him stand out from his GOP gubernatorial primary opponent, Marc Holtzman. The various pressers from Beauprez cover things like Mexican extradition rulings, the deficit reduction act, tax cuts, and his own bill "encouraging" extradition of cop-killers.

It's not real high-profile campaigning, but it is, in my opinion, an effective way to tell your base that you're actually in the field getting stuff done. A pretty important point to make, I would say, as you are trying to make in impression early in an election cycle.

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